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November 01, 2009


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Great looking site PJ. I think you're right to keep the photos somewhat in their own space from now on.

Dear Jane- your comments about your photography speak to the creative process in writing. I never know how my next my batch of words will turn out. But it is all about showing up every day with your camera or in my case my pencil and paper. Joyce R.

OK, I'm giving up. Sort of. I'll bet you have a NEW blog now in an obscure place in a newer technological medium in a different language, kind of like Twitter on the Planet Pluto. I'll keep looking. -- lewpie

Actually I do remember Jane! That's so cool! I had a feeling you would be accepted, your work is top-notch. I really like what you see and the way you present your work! Always has a "balance" to it that is exceptional. Congratulations!

Regarding Getty stock photo acceptance.......

Haven't heard from you in a while -- I just want to tell you again that your photos stop me in my place sometimes -- I can't take my eyes off them. This last batch is just amazing. - Lewpie's a fan.

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