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    « Between 50 and Death | Main | More Will & Heloise »

    Sunday, January 29, 2012


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    Elliot Margolies

    he's at the pinnacle. Congrats Jane!


    I'm so proud of you and your boy.


    Woo hoo! That is so exciting!!


    Beyond awesome and I say get on a pedestal and brag brag brag.


    Oh, Jane, I'm so proud of your pride. Do they have a tour schedule? I remember your telling me how he got started. Son of the Circus...

    Harlan Lewps

    Wow is right! Any details, or, better yet, video or photos? When did it happen? If you're gonna brag, get braggin' in detail!

    John Underwood

    WOW! Say's so much about both of you. You did an amazing job with Will Jane. Even I sometimes brag about Will,though unlike yourself, I have no bragging rights. I bow to your mothering.....affectionately, Jaybird.


    This is soooo very cool and impressive!!! Is there an article somewhere with more information?? WOW is right!!! CONGRATS!!!

    Lisa Browning

    Having been fortunate to see Will and Eloise perform when they were in D.C. a couple of years ago, I am thrilled that they have been recognized with a gold medal! Very deserving, and I'm glad the presenters thought so, too! They truly are amazing performers. :-)

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