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    Wednesday, July 06, 2011


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    Kombucha TOO!!

    Dr. Green Palm

    Now that cancer is 1/3 human beings I think we'll find lots of "old natural" cures sprouting up in favor and spotlight. I grow medicinal "herb" for an amazing gentle man with spinal abifida, CP, MS & degenerative disc sciatica. We are getting great results with the oil & vaporizing. Being sure to avoid oily foods 2 hours before and after taking the oil is a good way to avoid getting high or too high from Phoenix tears. They are oil and alcohol soluable so best to avoid both during digestion. They are also very bitter so an apple or carrot are a good accompaniment for the oil.
    I recently treated my cat's cancer by feeding him ground up apricot kernels. They must be air dried with no heat... That means no sun drying or otherwise. I get my seeds from They are about $60 for a years supply. The dosage that is most prevalent and worked for me is 1 seed per 10lb of body weight. Grind Em up with a coffee grinder and eat them with food... For myself I've ground them up and drank Em in almond milk... They taste awful as most things that work do!! I can't and don't encourage people to take them as medicine for humans as that has gotten a good many good people arrested & I don't want to be hassled by the FDA... I am no doctor and make no claims or suggestions... I just wanted to share my own opinions and experience with my cat... Whom is in total remission going on 2 years since they told me he'd be dead in 48 hours... Notebly and ironically, he started getting visibly better in 48 hours... If you do your own research, you'll find the answers for yourself. Don't give up, your important and your life matters a great deal. California & British Columbia are waking the people and offering up some real hope and compassion... We just need to be vigilant as those that would have us sick and blind, feeling alone and helpless... The truth is that knowledge is power & power in numbers is law... Spread the word, spread the love, spread the knowledge.
    Dr. Green Palm - Victoria, BC, Canada


    Wow. Glad you ate that spaghetti.


    The only reason I wish I weren't reading about your daily experiences, thoughts, research, and difficulties with cancer is if you were so well you didn't have to think about it. I really do wish that were the case. Since it's not, I hope you know that I (and I'm sure many) find your honest posts very helpful. I, too, have (have? had? I don't know for sure) breast cancer and it weighs heavily on my mind every day even this year and a half since I finished my last radiation treatment. I naively thought I would return to "normal life" after formal treatment ended but I've since learned that that is rarely the case.

    I very much appreciate your posting about your experience and I've learned so much from you. You've pointed me in directions and twigged me to ideas I knew nothing about and for that I'm most grateful.

    So ... you just keep right on writing and my wish is that someday soon you'll be too busy enjoying life and not thinking about cancer.

    By the way ... I have a job and I would still opt for "feeling high". A little escapism now and then would be most welcome.

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