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    Monday, July 04, 2011


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    Please, ramble on......


    Write it, write it, write it. I'd love to read it. You are such a talented writer! If beginning, middle, end is too daunting, maybe start in the middle and go back and forth, which is exactly where you are. And when you take well-earned breaks from writing ... consider returning my calls. ;-) I think of you and wish you well each day.

    Pat Pendleton

    The first man in your life encouraged your creativity...maybe the memoir is about how your creative (unconventional) approach to breast cancer has been an extension of how you have lived your life...that's the thing that happens. I cheer you on.


    I agree with Linda, I would read your ramblings any day. I also love "I would go nut mixing up all my old lovers with all my pancreatic enzymes." That is priceless. Ramble away, your writing is totally engrossing and worth reading.


    I have so many favorite parts of this post:

    "I would go nuts mixing up all my old lovers with all my pancreatic enzymes

    "Climbing on furniture, usually in a precarious way, though once a favorite pastime, is no longer a viable option.

    "But bread? The staff of life? Bread tastes so good in so many ways. It is such a pleasure to eat it. So comforting, so satisfying, so filling.

    "In my world right now, just about every situation seems to contain a paradox. I hate that reality but I also love it."

    I have so many favorite parts that I BEG you to start your memoir and just include everything under the sun in it. Ramble on, if that's what you call it. Later you can go back and edit if you want, can't you?

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