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    Tuesday, March 08, 2011


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    I love that Russell Brand too, much to my chagrin (what with that hair, and how obnoxious he can be, and that whole marrying Katy Perry thing). I love that he was so out there about how he loved Helen Mirren (a personal fave of mine). Congrats on the Getty image sale. Best, Claudia

    Prostate Cancer

    I would like to know more abou the alternative treatments that you are doing to help alleviate the disease. I was looking at other cancer treatments and am wondering if these alternative medications can be truly helpful for people.

    Lara Simpson

    So refreshing that the positive sale of your image met with joy and celebration rather than so what. I have read your blog and will revisit, I have no expertise to give only my warm thoughts and best wishes.


    I think we should at least get a hint so we can go search for that needle in the haystack!!!


    mary ann stein

    I'm glad you are posting here again. I'm back working full-time, but am available to errands, etc.
    Love you!

    Jane Underwood

    It's incredibly beautiful but, unfortunately, ruins the symmetry of the couch.

    harlan lewps

    I'm interested in the shape of the butt imprint on your sofa. - Harlan


    I hope u will continue to be alive until a cure is found. I would like to know when u wre first diagnosed, stage and biology of your pathologist report and for how long r u taking Vit. D3, how many IU's and what is your blood level of Vit. D3. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.


    P.S. Which Getty image?


    Yes Yes which Getty image?


    Thanks for update! All good to know.......even better would be WHICH GETTY IMAGE??!!!



    Jane Underwood

    Hi Marilyn,

    I was rushing when I wrote this post, so I will come back when I have more time and expand on my explanation of how and why I am taking tamoxifen along with estrogen. I know it seems illogical and counter-intuitive, so I will attempt to further clarify what I have learned and how I came to these decisions.

    Yes, all my doctors -- more than one, including two excellent oncologists -- know my "endometrium" history.


    Marilyn Lloyd


    I am very concerned about the very reason you're taking tamoxifen. You're taking it to block the estrogen receptors. When a tumor is removed they check for estrogen receptors ON the tumor. So the following: "it only blocks the estrogen receptors that breast cancer cells are trying to attach themselves to." doesn't make sense to me."

    If you really need to get those receptors blocked to get the tumor markers down then it seems contraindicated to take the chance to plug them up with estrogen so that the tamoxifen can't do its job. You would be taking the risks with tamoxifen and not getting the desired benefit.

    My second concern is what you told us years ago about your endometrium. Did the doctor know this before he prescribed tamoxifen?

    Although we don't agree on everything, remember I'm only writing this because I only wish the best for you . Marilyn

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