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    Tuesday, January 11, 2011


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    I have been reading and looking for articles on the same subject since long, but happily I finally got the information from your article, but unfortunately I came across the article after my project got over.


    ps :
    .."find it hard to be methodical and orderly on this blog. My posts are scattered, I jump from this to that, harum scarum. I think this is because there is just so much I could say, it overwhelms I overcome that by simply jumping in and writing the first thing that comes to mind. Otherwise, I'd give up and write nothing."

    Jane, you're in good company.I just started Mark Twain's autobiography . ( He didn't want it out 'til 100 yrs after death) After many false starts, he came to the conclusion that that is the only way to go . Write what is of interest at the moment , and only as long as it is interesting, then drop it, and move on to the next topic of interest .


    Hi Jane. Ran across this by accident . Here's another Accordion Babe for your collection .
    It's not your (my) grandmother's polka band.

    harlan lewps

    If I'd gotten the message in time I'd have suggested Sun Fat so it all worked out. Sounds like you all had a ball. I wonder why nobody asked me to pose on that calendar with my accordion.

    mary ann stein

    What a wonderful evening you had!


    You FORGOT to take PICTURES???


    YOU FORGOT to take pictures???!!! How could that be?? No painted pictures for us with your words! Especially liked that you laughed yourselves silly and drank champagne with your pinky lifted! Ha ha ha ha! Sounds like such a great night!!! So happy you got to spend time with Will! Please say hello to him for me! (LOVED the video clip of his performance by the way)

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