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    Wednesday, December 29, 2010


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    Jeff Kennedy

    Great poem Jane.


    This almost made me want to cry for some reason. I tried to hold them back. But, then, you can view tears as a woman's way of a washing away of emotions, too. I always feel cleansed afterwards...and oddly more in tune with my womanhood.


    I agree with Julie that there is a kind of eternalness of shifting perspective to this poem. I always think of women's lives as interludes of waiting combined with repetitive washings. When they are not putting out fires or watching the hearth, they are washing...

    mary ann stein

    Wow, Mistress Jane, quite a poem.

    Ms. K

    You didn't send me this one! Almost missed it. Beautiful.


    One thing a good poem can do that a camera cannot is to perceive the wide angle and the close-up at the same time. A pathology report, a shoe, the infintive, "to wash." Depth of field.

    I'm breathless, too.

    harlan lewps

    Haven't heard from The Poet in awhile. The PhotoPerson took her job but I'm glad to see The Poet is still employed.


    Amazing poem. When i got to "You/ are washing the mystery. Your high/ heel is lying on its side..." i lost my breath. Amazing. Blessings. x


    I don't like what I read, but I love the way you said it......hang in there. JayBird

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