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    Tuesday, December 14, 2010


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    Jane, I know how you feel about my telling you I love you. Perhaps you do not understand, and therefore question, but your just going to have to understand. You are my big sister, you have always been in my heart. The way that you have faced these difficult years in your life have been such an inspiration to me. You have done so much for others, the son you gave the world, the way you live your life, the dignity with which you have faced your illness, and the selfless love that you demonstrate every time you share your journey with others past ye always considered the measure of a persons success or failure in life as being this, did you leave the world a better place for having been here. You have certainly done so big sister, and whether you like it or not, your going to hear it, I love you. Jay

    Jeff Kennedy

    Jane, I love you! You are an inspiration! I just returned from my weekly hospice shift at LHH and your words touch me to the core! Don't question how you're feeling. Ride the wave of awe and gratitude. It's the truth. It's how we would all live everyday if we remembered that we're all just one breath away from what's next. It breaks my heart to think that you and I won't be here in this life together always, and so the only appropriate response is to love you now, and I do. Take me up on my call any day you need.

    monique lusse

    jane, thank you for "writing it like it is" and keep telling the truth. i love reading what you're thinking and feeling. i'm holding a good thought.
    love, monique


    You continue to be my hero......

    I love you so much,


    I'm sending you lots of loving energy! Funny how there's so much beauty intertwined with life's difficult parts.

    Ona Onaclea

    I have been lurking ever since I had two lumpectomies. You have given me smiles, tears, hope, sadness. I am so glad you are having this time of joy. I have a quote I tell myself--"Don't let my happiness or unhappiness get in the way of my joy." Whatever is to come next, I wish you all the joy that is yours already, and more. Thank you for continuing to write about your life. You are a brave woman and those who witness it become braver in our own lives.


    what stage were u at the time of diagnosis and how lond were u on Arimidex? Thanks for sharing

    Jennifer D.

    Love to you. And thanks for your sharing.

    mary ann stein

    You are too wonderful. Love you, msmush


    Bless you, Jane. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of writing. May the mood continue to buoy you.


    I love you--I love reading you no matter how you're feeling.

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