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    Saturday, April 03, 2010


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    Jeff Kennedy

    Such great writing, Jane! Thanks for sharing it.


    I love Lenore's willingness to look inward at herself with honesty in order to grow and move along her own path in life. She allows for more of an objective observance rather than a harsh judgement in order to do so. Wish more people could be so brave...



    Slightly resentful of this incredible writing and particularly resentful of photo bottom right.

    Jane Underwood

    Oh he is! He definitely is! Ruth and Lena, ditto.

    Its annoying bordering on tragic that Lenore has so unfairly made
    these lovely people her targets for envy and resentment. She has a long
    way to go on her spiritual path to Niceness, Acceptance, Blah Blah Blah
    Enlightenment, etc.

    Lenores Friend (sort of)

    harlan lewps

    I think that Tom is a really special guy. Not to mention Ruth and Lena.


    I love Lenore... she's so real!


    Please do a photo series on the trash bins of San Francisco.

    mary ann stein

    Love the writing AND the trash bins. I can see a future Round Robin photo prompt.

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