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    Sunday, March 28, 2010


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    Kerry Tepperman

    Ok. My dear good to hear this much. Inner journey, rest all make sense. Many hugs from New Zealand. KT

    mary ann stein

    I so understand this, but of course I'll check da blog everyday anyway until you are back. As Jay said,
    this is the price of fame...

    harlan lewps

    Well, I get it. Some days you don't have anything to say. So don't. That just means you get 24 more hours to refill the creative cup.

    Jay Underwood

    The price of fame.Jane,let your fans fall where they may.Take a deep breath.Exhale.Inhale.(keep doing that by the way).Your absolutely right.Stress is your enemy.If you are feeling stressed back off.We will be here,patiently waiting,patiently waiting,waiting,waiting,waiting,waiting......(no pressure here).


    Yes, I must agree with Ms. K and Jill. You are not allowed to simply drop the Eileen story. But take care of yourself first--we'll still be here. Waiting impatiently.


    Yes, I have to agree with Ms. K on this one. Just tie up this one loose end, please! After that...put her in "park" for as long as your heart desires and needs!



    Ms. K

    Yes, this is a very good idea and understandable. But consider your poor, faithful, patient readers! Can't you please just jump to the bottom line and tell us in one sentence what Eileen recommended for you?

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