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    Monday, February 08, 2010


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    Hi Jane,
    I hope you experience a helpful conversation and support at your appointment with Mark Renneker.

    I'm sending along some info and links that I thought might interest you. One is 2006 research into a compound called cannabidiol (found by the way in good quantities in legal, food grade hemp seed, hemp oil):

    Inhibition of Breast Cancer Aggressiveness by Cannabidiol (California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute)

    Also, I stumbled across this site. On a quick glance it seemed to have a serious collection of research based info on food and other factors for specific types of breast cancer:

    "Evidence-based information on how to reduce breast cancer risk and survive breast cancer"

    A duck walks into a local grocery and asks the owner, "Do you have any grapes?"
    "Nope," says the grocer, so the duck leaves.
    Next day, the duck returns and asks,
    "Got any grapes?"
    "I already said I don't," says the grocer.
    Next day, the duck comes into the store and asks
    "Got any grapes?"
    "I don't carry grapes and I ain't gonna be."
    The next day, the duck waddles into the store again and asks "Got any grapes?"
    Beet red in the face the grocer growls "I SAID NO, AND IF YOU ASK ME ONE MORE TIME I'M GONNA NAIL YOUR FEET TO THE FLOOR!"
    Next day, the duck returns and waddles up to the grocer. "Got any nails?"
    Pause ... "Well then, do you have any grapes?"

    (I think I hear this in a film called Duck.)

    Take care,


    Well...... maybe not missing the poop pickups for Miss Olivia.....

    :) Jill


    Looking forward to that next post. I am soooo glad you have Renneker to help you on this next phase! My heart is still in San Francisco....strange to be back home and walking in snow instead of green grass and wild flowers! Miss it all......including you.



    Jane Underwood

    Not yet, but I am getting close to calling him
    again. I wanted to have my post-surgery consultation with Mark
    Renneker, first. That happened last night. Ill do a post about
    was a good consultation, and as usual I was wildly grateful for his
    help. He almost always gives me, in addition to useful information and
    explanations, some new and often innovative suggestion(s) on how to
    proceed. Ive said it before and will say it again: Everyone needs a
    Mark Renneker. Hes one in a million.

    Ms. K

    Any news on Dr. Wong and NY visit?

    Jeff Kennedy

    You're still here ... and so are we, all the people who care about you. A lot is going on, but you, my friend, are never really alone. I Sometimes it just feels that way.

    Jane Underwood

    The results of a recent PET scan showed a
    suspicious area (node), and that was followed by an ultrasound that
    also showed this same suspicious node. It was possible that
    these suspicious results could have turned out to be something else
    such as a swelling or inflammation not related to cancer, but because I
    knew I had a breast recurrence, and because I had one positive node
    that was removed four years ago, I suspected that the node would be


    Question: What made you suspect at least one or two of your lymph nodes were cancerous?


    Good to see another post. I applaud your insistence in trying to find your own way regarding treatment. It is not easy. True, you are on your own - not all women with bc (or their doctors) look at treatment(s) in the same way, nor do their bodies respond alike. There is a big fear factor built into bc & subsequent treatment and as a result it makes the "conveyor belt" process so appealing to many women and the "making your own way" all the more difficult. You mentioned, in an earlier post, a phone conversation with Dr George Wong - maybe he has an encouraging word for you at this time. (Note: I have a history of bc, including reaccurances, though to date not nearly as serious or advanced as yours, however, I credit Dr Wong with helping me to continue to manage things "my way" and to not feel so alone in the process.)

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