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    Tuesday, February 16, 2010


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    WOW!!! The pancake was AMAZING. (Since Tom had already eaten, I hadda eat it myself.) I'm making it every day from now on.

    mary ann stein

    Such a lovely photo.

    Jane Underwood

    I should clarify that I have never heard of any
    direct connection between gluten and cancer. The only reason I am
    avoiding gluten for a while is because my alternative doc has
    recommended an altered diet that BEGINS with a 25-day no-gluten, no
    meat, no dairy phase. But after that, the diet becomes less restrictive
    and you start adding these things back, in moderation (its called the
    GAPS diet and you can get more information about it if you go to Dr.
    Thomas Cowans website, The Fourfold Path to Healing).

    The main reason for steering toward this particular way of eating is in
    accord with the thinking that our digestion is the first line of
    defense against ANY disease. If our eating (and our subsequent
    digestive process) is all screwed up, our health will be too.
    Apparently quite a large percentage of our society is allergic to wheat
    on a subtle and chronic level; at first I thought this was wacky and
    ridiculous, but then I read an interesting article that went all the
    way into the history of wheat, how we used to grow it, how its grown
    now, how it has been altered over time, and how our bodies have reacted
    to the ways it has been altered. It may be that by avoiding gluten for
    25 days, many people will discover that they feel much better and that
    their digestion has gotten much better. Others may not notice any
    difference at all. Just my guess. I need to ask Dr. Cowan more
    questions about this, next time I see him. Last time I saw him, my
    question priorities were different, much more focused on Shit! I think
    I might have to have a mastectomy and ramp up my whole treatment
    protocol! How do I start? What do I do? What first? What second? How
    much will it cost? Can I afford it? Etc. Etc. Happily (relatively
    speaking) I am now at the point where I can ask questions like Can you
    explain to me more about why I cant have any gluten right now? I mean,
    I dont have Celiacs disease, for petes sake!


    This is amazing--I didn't know about the connection between gluten and cancer. But my husband is not eating gluten, so I'm going to try this recipe tomorrow morning. Of course I don't have coconut oil or ghee. But we do have bananas and eggs and roasted unsalted almonds from Trader Joe's. Think it'll work?

    The photo is beautiful.

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