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    Tuesday, January 26, 2010


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    harlan lewps

    Your dog, like that little rabbit with the battery, you know, on the TV, she runs she never stops, like you in about a week, picking up all the shloomph into the bags you tossed, under the bed, behind the cabinet, don't worry, not a minute, we've got everything covered, like a blanket, don't forget your camera, somewhere there are more leaves, on the street, you need to take more pictures, we need to choose, which one do we like best, all of them, hurry home, OK? TGP aka Harlan Lewps


    Sending a gigantic love ray your way.

    mary ann stein

    Everything else in my life (except for you) is way in the background today. Pat is right, just breathe.


    Jane...You are in my thoughts. All you have to do is breathe...Pat

    Ms. K

    Love "finish this list later." I'll call you this weekend.

    Joan Hawley

    Jane, I have you, your surgical team and care providers in my thoughts today, wishing for a safe surgery. Joan

    Lisa Browning

    Jane, I will be thinking about you tomorrow. When you can, you or Jill please let us know how you are doing.



    OOPs..just saw my typo. "quest" should be "guest" .....:)


    the last time i had surgery, i asked my surgeon to suggest how well i heal, and she did, and i did...


    Remember that I am coming soon and you can leave some things for me to do! You can direct me from bed on pigsty cleaning while we chat or you sleep. Remember, I am not coming to be your quest that you need to entertain or take care of! I will eat whatever is available, even if I have to pretend to like it, lol! If there is something I really need, I'm sure I can work it out. I want to lessen your burdens, not add to them! Got it? GOOD!!!

    I will be thinking of you and sending healing energy your way for the surgery tomorrow....



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