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    Monday, January 04, 2010


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    I am so totally in agreement about stress and it's influence on health and well being! Always have been. It can be tricky to identify let alone know how to control it! Even "good" stress can be harmful at times....our bodies don't always know the difference. And everyone has their own individual stress triggers based on their particular personalities and life experiences etc. So, once again, only you can determine what your needs are where stress reduction is concerned. Maybe ultimately all we can rely on in "knowing" is our inner voices and instincts. We just have to keep listening to and trusting in them. I also truly believe that, at the end of the day, any of your true friends and family are going to be confident in and supportive of any decisions and choices you make for yourself without judgment. No need to stress over that one! At some point choices have to be made and anyone who knows you at all should be confident that you have exhausted all avenues in your search for answers for your life. Forgive our feable attempts at "helping" and let it go. Focus on what gives you more peace and calmness of soul for whatever is to come...



    Jeff Kennedy

    I'm trying to put myself where you are and think what I would do, but that can never be as real or as helpful as we'd like it to be. My gut that tells me to cut out cancer wherever and whenever you find it is informed by nothing really -- just my own deep, childish regret that my mother's cancer was diagnosed too late to have anything cut out (as if that would have cured it) though she still had to undergo surgery to place a rod to prevent a compound fracture of her femur. These decisions are horribly complex, and maybe the best I can do is just to acknowledge that. I wish I could be more help. You're often in my thoughts.

    harlan lewps

    I think Harlan has learned that inserting his unstudied opinion here only leads to torrents of angry replies from your faithful followers. Can't wait to talk about it all in person.

    You are definitely right about stress. All it does is lead to more stress. Whatever it takes to diminish it pays huge dividends down the road.

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