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    Wednesday, February 28, 2007


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    Mitche Leigh Hunt, would be delighted to hear what Dr. Bieler taught you! I know he didn't prescribe mass diets, but wonder what he taught you for your situation? What is your daily diet like?

    Vincenzo Giannone

    Hi all, it is very interesting to know your stories about Dr. Bieler. The only certified student of Bieler is Reigh Parker Burch previously knows as Marian Menke. She personally took care of Bieler in the last two years of his life after the unfortunate car accident.
    Reigh is very old as well now and she is taking care of herself, but from time to time she is willing to take care of some clients.
    So if you are interested in a diet the Bieler way, please write to me: [email protected] I'll expose your case to her.

    @Lori: maybe we already know each other, anyway I would be much interested in the unpublished material of Bieler/Menke. Let me know if you already know me and if you are interested in sharing the material.

    Thank you all.
    Please, keep sharing your Bieler experiences :)


    Mitche Leigh Hunt

    I, too, was a patient of Dr. Bieler's, who became a close friend and took care of his mail during his vacations he took in Montana. I just found this site and it brought tears to my eyes, I miss him so. He saved my life when I was 35 years old: I was on a multiple drug schedule for practically every disease symptom around -- with no science behind that schedule; as there is none to this day, the way they are just scribbled out and filled --that was causing havoc in my life. Luckily, he stopped all of it by teaching me how to eat simply. I am now 85 years old, put in a 12-hour work day, every day, and have not been ill or had the need to take any kind of a drug -- MD-prescribed, over the counter, or street -- in 50 years. I need to comment that the idea of putting potato skins in Bieler Broth is a negative; Dr. Bieler told me that eating potato skins was like eating cork. Also, I asked him: "What will I do when you are gone?" At that time I thought people aged-75 -- his age -- were ancient. He answered: "You know enough now to take care of yourself!" So that is what I do -- with food as my best medicine.

    Mitche Leigh Hunt

    Ron Vilarino

    Sari -

    Just to let you know Eileen has retired now. Are you ready to send me the poppy art piece?

    Ron Vilarino 805-260-5181

    sari staggs

    Hello, Years ago I ,and most of my friends, all went to Eileen Poole and followed her diet. Those of us who were most religious about following it to the letter have thrived. The first three things she insists on for everyone are"NO SALT, NO SUGAR. NO HONEY". I have found ways to cheat and slide on those rules until recently and I am happy to say that now I'm back on the program and feeling better than I've felt in years. I've never been completely off the diet, just cheated a lot. I don't think there's a magic way to combine those important vegetables. I think the most important thing is to eat them regularly and in any combination If today the parsley you have is the best parsley you have ever had then use more parsley today.... and so on. I don't think that adding the potato peels is a good idea. It violates the "no root vegetables" rule. Sometimes I do add asparagus and that works really well. Sometimes I add crookneck squash and that works well,too. Sometimes I add garlic. It tastes great but Eileen frowns upon any garlic use. Mrs. Dash is good. The bottom line is BEILER BROTH IS GOOD AND GOOD FOR YOU. HAVE IT OFTEN IN AS MANY WAYS AS YOU CAN THINK OF AND YOU WILL LIVE A LONG AND HAPPY LIFE.
    And good luck with it. Sari Staggs


    I notice that some of these posts are 3 years old, but would love to share my story with anyone who is interested and also perhaps reconnect with Eileen Poole. I consulted with her in '73/'74 in her home and she was truly amazing. I even got to meet with Dr.Bieler! I have never felt as well as the time on his diet, including Bieler Broth. Like so many others, I strayed from the diet, but now at at age 62 I am going back to it. Last year I was diagnosed with advanced Carcinoid Cancer - had the primary tumor removed in small intestine, but still have some major issues, all of which I know will be helped by diet. I wonder if anyone knows if Eileen is still at the address in Brentwood. I would love to contact her.

    skin cancer treatments Los Angeles

    My God! She is incredibly glamorous! Thanks for the post, dear. Your blog is really very nice and amazing. Keep posting.

    Ron Vilarino

    Eileen Poole's Office:
    1301 Montana Avenue, Suite D/Loft
    Santa Monica, CA 90403
    [email protected]



    Do you mind sharing the diet you followed, and the one your aunt or the friend followed?



    Do you still work for Eileen?


    My aunt was diagnosed with Inflammatory breast cancer (the doctor gave her 3 to 6 months)then, a common friend who was a Dr. Bieler's patient, shared her recipe with her. I followed the diet with her (I did it for 2 years) and never had a cold, lost 20 pounds, my skin was radiant...I looked 10 years younger. My aunt continued her diet for 4 years she did everything she wanted to accomplish, then went off the diet and passed away...happy. In the other hand, our common friend who gave us the diet, she survived...went on that diet for 5 years and lived cancer free for more than fourty years. She died after a fall at 89 years old (2 yrs. ago)

    generic levitra online

    I'm returning to the Bieler basics because I know these principles work, but I'm wondering if Eileen is still around. I've tried to find her via the internet, but only references to her work and talents seem to be out there. I'd sure love to get an updated diet from her.
    Thanks for sharing this post. It's amazing. keep posting such an interesting information.

    Generic Viagra Online

    I really wish I still had the old diet Eileen gave me. It would be so interesting to see what changes there will be between that and the new one.

    Ron Vilarino

    I first visited Eileen Poole in the early '70's as a young 19 year old and have visited her several times through the years, even recently this year at 52 years old. She is a remarkable evolved human being who has helped me change my life many times. If anyone out there hasn't made an appointment to visit her, you're missing out on a worth while life changing experience.


    I have refrigerated and used Bieler's broth for up to six days. I imagine that the sooner it is used the better but I wouldn't guess that the minerals-for which it is so highly valued-would deteriorate like vitamins and enzymes would.


    does anyone know how long bieler broth stays fresh?


    I work for eileen! she is open mon, tues and weds. call 310 571 2337 The bieler recipe has alterned just a bit- it is now: one part beans to 2 part zuch and some parsley. place into boiling water and cook for 10-15 min. puree.Salt is to be avoided. Enjoy!

    Frances Dailey

    Eileen Poole is the best!
    She is still working in Brentwood. I have lost 35 lbs after seeing her and doing Beilers soup.


    Kathlee, thanks for your response-very interesting!! Dr. Bieler's diet for our family (when I was a child)included red meat but he cautioned that we should eat it as rare as possible to reduce its toxicity, and allowed it in our case because we had reasonably strong adrenal glands. Millet, from my own studies, is the most alkaline grain, so that may be why Eileen recommended that to you above rice, etc. Eileen prefers walk-in clients. In my case, since I live in the midwest, she agreed to do it by mail. I would love to come see her in person! You are lucky to live so close!


    Wow! Thanks for the info Lori. The wellness diet Eileen gave me back then was so interesting. I've lost my copy of it, but I remember certain things that stood out. For example, she said the only grain I should eat was millet. Wheat and especially rice (even brown rice) were not good for me. But not all starches were out. I could have potatoes (baked or steamed). She also said that while she very seldom recommended red meat, I definitely should eat it several times a week. Other things I recall were that one variety of melon (cantaloupe) was good, but another wasn't (honeydew). And I could have unsalted butter, but not margarine.

    Since I had difficulty getting off salt, Eileen did recommend that, if necessary, I try adding a pinch of dried herbs to the Bieler Broth and other foods. I like Mrs. Dash and that, along with a little lemon in some cases, seems to perk up most anything.

    I really wish I still had the old diet Eileen gave me. It would be so interesting to see what changes there will be between that and the new one.

    Again, thank you SO much for her contact info. I've been looking for her on and off for about two years. You mentioned that she's sending you the diet. I live in Los Angeles and, ironically, work just a mile or so from her office in Brentwood. I hope she still sees people in person as that in itself is very healing.


    Kathlee, Eileen Poole's business address is 11950 San Vicente Blvd., Brentwood CA 90049. The phone number is: 310-571-2337. I hope this helps. I, too, just located her a month ago and have sent in for my diet. I am looking forward to seeing what it is. What was your diet like back then?



    I first saw Eileen Poole for a consultation in the late 70's or early 80's. She held my wrist for a few minutes and proceeded to write out the most amazing eating regimen. When I followed it, I never felt better. She also provided the recipe for Bieler Soup and while it was palatable, I admit, the lack of salt made it somewhat of a challenge for me to eat regularly. Now, a zillion years later, my health is not so great. I'm returning to the Bieler basics because I know these principles work, but I'm wondering if Eileen is still around. I've tried to find her via the internet, but only references to her work and talents seem to be out there. I'd sure love to get an updated diet from her. Thanks in advance if anyone can point me in her direction.

    (And yes, I'd definitely be up for a Bieler Baby Blog or something similar.) Again, thank you and best wishes.


    PS-Gwen, your blog was incouraging in its honesty; I, too, have strayed, and need to get back on track. I decided to get an updated diet from Eileen Poole, as is my daughter, so we are currently a support group of two, in two states.



    Gwen, I am excited that you like the idea, too. With Dr. Bieler gone, and in view of the truly genius understanding of health he had, it seems there should somehow be a way to continue to gather and share Bieler info, encourage others and learn from others who also knew him as a patient on some level. It seems a website or blogsite might be one approach to addressing this matter. A 'reunion' of some sort might be another. I am just excited to have learned of Eileen Poole on this site. Anyway, I am no computer genius, either, but have access to a few, and have wondered about what the interest in such a site might be also. I am glad you kept 'talking'!


    To Lori, I think you have a great idea of Bieler Baby Reunion or Blog. I am checking into "how to do" some sort of message forum or chat/ or blog. I am somewhat computer iliterate, but with the appropriate help it may happen. I would love a response of your interest level. "Keep talking"

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