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    Saturday, February 18, 2006


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    Kay Pasa

    I'm late to the news, but must say I admire your wisdom and strength in this personal situation, Jane. To be able to detach and look at medicine with a clear and keen eye - during a personal crisis - makes me want to nominate you as a Bay Area Dali Lamette, or whatever. Obviously you are past the freak factor, not dwelling in the land of 'why me', but living in the light of trusting yourself and your smarts. I am not all surprised - I am in awe.


    I echo Mush. Nobody thinks you're reckless, Sweets. But we too have to say what's on our mind. We're all in new territory here, but we're all on your side. Well, you know that already. I agree with Mush too about the book you're writing.


    Ditto Mary Ann on the book suggestion.

    well, now I am relieved since the Chicago doctor said "no" to chemo and I will relax and not push you any more. I must say your P.S. is
    longer than anything I have ever written. I think you have a book here in this blog that could help a lot more women than your current faithful readers.
    OK, I too feel better, dear Jane.

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